Song Hee Lee

Songhee Lee, is a dancer specializes in Korean traditional dance.  Upon graduating from University of Pusan, Korea, she joined the Pusan Metropolitan Dance Company and became principal dancer.  In 1997, Ms Lee had her first solo recital in NYC at the Hudson Guild Theater and had reviewed by Jack Anderson from NY Times. Since then, Ms. Lee has been actively performing around the world and US.  Ms. Lee was awarded from Queens Council on the Art in 2010 and had her second solo recital at the Flushing Town Hall.  Ms. Lee have performed at the Greek National Dance Theater, Dora Stratou for the CID UNESCO World Congress on
Dance, NEA Montana Folk Festival and International Festival at Chihuahua, Mexico. Currently, Ms. Lee is Artistic Director and Choreographer for the Songhee Lee Dance Company which includes the children’s dance initiative, Cheongsah Chorong.  Ms. Lee is also an instructor at Lotus Music and Dance school and performance member of KTPAA “Sound of Korea.”


One thought on “Song Hee Lee

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